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Headlines: All ACC Boys

Brian: Jeff, here is the list of Eagles receiving All-ACC Honors from the Associated Press. Anyone missing from this list? Your thoughts?

First Team
Clif Ramsey
BJ Raji
Mark Herzlich

Second Team
Ryan Purvis
Anthony Castonzo
Ron Brace

Honorable Mention
Thomas Claiborne
Matt Tennant
Paul Anderson

Jeff: I have no complaints about this list. I think they got it right. Matt Tennant might have been higher on the list earlier in the season. Mike McLaughlin comes to mind after that SportsCenter highlight Saturday but when you think of the entire season and the other linebackers in the league I have no problem with him being left off. Do you like the list of honorees?

Brian: I do. I agree McLaughlin might have made this list, at least an Honorable Mention. He has played very well of late and his 76 tackles (44 solo) is good for #2 on the team behind Herzlich. And I know that there are probably better running backs in the league (Dwyer, Evans, Scott), but Montel Harris performance to date has carried the Eagles into the Championship game (155 carries, 798 yards, 5 touchdowns). There will hopefully be a few more opportunities for Harris to make this list in the years ahead. But overall, I am fine with this list.

Congratulations to all the Eagle award winners!