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NEXT: Six Words for Matt Ryan?

As part of ESPN the Magazine's 2009 NEXT campaign, there is a competition to come up with the best six word phrase to describe any of the four finalists - Ricky Rubio, Joey Logano, David Price and Matt Ryan. We got to brainstorming different ideas for Matt Ryan. It's a lot of fun. Give it a try ...

Super Bowl MVP three years max
Haters become lovers in half season
No Vick, No Hall, No Problem
Matt Ryan: Peter King's new Favre
Arthur Blank's best first round pick
Atlanta underdogs no longer NFL doormat
Matty makes Vick first round afterthought
Even Flutie can't hold Iceman's jock
Who does number two work for?
BC finally has a pro star (slight to M. Hasselbeck?)
Steve Bartkowski who? Atlanta's franchise QB
Another Boston College victory over VT
Matt Ryan turns longshots into champions
Eagle turned Falcon still slaughtering prey
Matt Ryan soars above all expectations
Ryan study proves ice MELTS hearts
Eagles drop Ryan into Falcons' nest
Gonna make Miami and StL jealous
Where are calls for Dorsey now?
The best thing since automatic icemakers
Never a hangover with Matty Ice
Tim Tebow can have the Heisman
Matty Ice - He'll make it hail
Iceman is doing the dirty bird
Matt Ryan for President: Sportscenter Next (pandering to the hosts)
Trust Ryan despite two first names
Not bragging if you've done it (see above)

Your turn. Leave your thoughts in the comments section and be sure to submit your ideas over at ESPN the Magazine.

(HT: regular readers Raj, Andrew, Christian, JB and Elizabeth)