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Headlines: Davis, Herzlich Earn All-ACC Honors

Jeff: Brian, Dominique Davis scored the winning touchdown and threw the passes that allowed Boston College to take the lead late at Wake Forest on Saturday. But are you surprised that he was honored by the ACC this week considering his numbers were so lacking entering that final drive?

Brian: Not at all. Davis won Rookie of the Week honors. How many rookies come out of nowhere in Week 12 of the college football season and engineer a game-winning drive in a game with ACC Championship implications written all over it? BC Interruption DAP to Dominique Davis for the honor.

Herzlich also won ACC Defensive Player of the Week honors for his 9 tackle, two interception and one TD performance.

However, the ACC Specialist of the week went to Graham Gano (3 for 3 on FG attempts in a FSU romp over Maryland). As Gano's field goals didn't have any bearing on the final outcome of that game, and Steve Aponavicius' 3 field goals did, did Apona get jobbed?

Jeff: Big big props to Aponavicius for going 3 for 3 on his FG attempts, but no he did not get jobbed here. Gano's FGs did not matter but he has been great all season and Aponovicius's long was only 32 yards. Gano's long was 48.

Brian: Want to point out that I ... ahem ... predicted 3 field goals for Aponavicius in last Saturday's game. He is now a perfect 7 for 7 on the road and 5 for 5 in his last two games, hitting field goals when they count. Apparently the pressure is off for Steve on the road? Is he finally turning the corner, or is he simply better on the road?

Jeff: In the last two games, Aponavicius is 5 for 5. BUT the distances of the five FGs are 19 and 30 (Florida State) and 30, 30, and 32 (Wake Forest). This evidence is inconclusive as to whether or not his confidence is back or not. The bottom line though is that Jags is going for it on fourth down until we get in range for a 35 yarder or less.