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Headlines: BC-Maryland Gametime Set for ...


ESPN/ABC declared a six-day option for the games of Nov. 29. The game times and networks for these games will be announced no later than by noon this Sunday, Nov. 23.
OK. Sounds like ESPN/ABC needs another week to see how this whole ACC race will shake out. Still, I'm surprised that Maryland at BC has no shot of being the primetime game considering it could be the ACC Atlantic Division championship game.

Full ACC schedule for the week of November 22 after the jump.

The following games will be played either at noon or 3:30 on the last Saturday of ACC regular season action (on either ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ABC or Raycom):

Maryland at Boston College
South Carolina at Clemson
North Carolina at Duke
Miami at NC State
Virginia at Virginia Tech

Florida at Florida State will be played at either 3:30 or in primetime on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.

Georgia at Georgia Tech will be at noon on CBS. Vanderbilt at Wake Forest is set for 7:00pm on ESPNU.