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ACC Power Rankings: Week 13

Week 13

First the ACC title game contenders ...
  1. Georgia Tech (8-3, 5-3)
  2. Boston College (8-3, 4-3)
  3. Florida State (8-3, 5-3)
  4. Virginia Tech (7-4, 4-3)

Then the rest ...

  1. NC State (5-6, 3-4)
  2. Clemson (6-5, 4-4)
  3. Maryland (7-4, 4-3 ACC) - beatdown recipient #1
  4. North Carolina (7-4, 3-4) - beatdown recipient #2
  5. Miami (7-4, 4-3) - beatdown recipient #3
  6. Wake Forest (6-5, 4-4)
  7. Virginia (5-6, 3-4)
  8. Duke (4-7, 1-6)


NC State is king of Carolina! They have now dispatched East Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest and North Carolina, and Coach Tom O'Brien claims they are the best football team in the state.
"What it speaks to is that we're the best football program in the state, without question." -- North Carolina State coach Tom O'Brien, to the Raleigh News & Observer.

The NC State blog StateFansNation, for one, is officially on the TOB bandwagon. A Wolfpack W this week against Miami and NC State is bowl-eligible for the first time since 2005. Which is kinda funny because NC State was in the exact same position as they were last year, with a bowl trip on the line, and then this happened.

I, for one, am glad we played the Wolfpack back in October.

Clemson moves up this week as well, because as Jeff puts it, "Who wants to play Clemson? Nobody."

With an ACC Championship game appearance on the line, Maryland, North Carolina and Miami all lost in glorious fashion.

This Week

ACC: Virginia at Virginia Tech ... Miami (FL) at NC State ... North Carolina at Duke ... Maryland at Boston College ...

ACC vs. SEC: Georgia Tech at Georgia ... South Carolina at Clemson ... Florida at Florida State ... Vanderbilt at Wake Forest