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Tar Heels-Eagles and the Big Finish

Brian: A lot has already been written about how Chris Crane has struggled mightily through the first half of the season. His touchdown:interception ratio is a pedestrian 5:9. On the other side of the ball, North Carolina has thrived at creating turnovers, including 14 interceptions already through 6 games. For North Carolina, junior backup quarterback Cameron Sexson has completely 58.7 percent of his passes and has thrown for 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. However, he will be going up against the nation's leading defense in passing efficiency. The Eagles are only allowing 86.7 yards per game through the air. So at the end of the game, who has a better day under center - Crane or Sexson?

Jeff: Crane is going to have a better day, thanks to a better supporting cast. Better question, over/under 4.5 interceptions for Crane Saturday?

Brian: Wow! 4.5?! Way under. Crane will throw for 1 score and be intercepted once, but this time it won't go back for a defensive touchdown. Give me your impact player in this game.

Jeff: I'll go with Josh Haden. At this point we know that Montel Harris can provide a spark or more off the bench. I think the Eagles ultimately need Haden to step up and put the ball in the endzone. Let's start to see it Saturday.

Big Finish

Jeff: Here is North Carolina's injury report for this weekend's game. The list is long. Who will the Tar Heels miss the most on Saturday?

Brian: Brandon Tate will be missed the most, however, there are a lot of offensive players on that list. Ouch.

Brian: Clemson is the only ACC team with an off week as they prepare for their November 1 game against Boston College. Will the week off help or hurt the Tigers' chances to beat the Eagles?

Jeff: Absolutely helps. Last week, in their first game without Tommy Bowden, they perhaps played their best game of the year despite losing. Admit it, you are more scared about this game now that they are without Tommy Bowden!?

Brian: I am a little concerned about this game but not because Bowden is gone. Unless Dabo Swinney is going to play offensive line, I am no more or less concerned about the Tigers because of the coaching change. I'm worried about Clemson because desperate teams who have nothing to play for except for pride are extremely dangerous.

Jeff: Big ACC soccer game for the men's team on Saturday night as the #19 Eagles travel to Winston-Salem to take on the No. 1 Wake Forest Demon Deacons. The Eagles record currently is 7-4-2 (3-2-0 ACC) while Wake hasn't lost since winning last year's National Championship (14-0-1, 4-0-1 ACC). Make a prediction, who wins?

Brian: This is a rematch of the 2008 ACC Tournament title game. Since the Eagles dropped to Duke 1-0 in double overtime, they are 3-0-1 in their last four games, but have had trouble finishing. I'll go with the unpopular pick of 2-1 Wake Forest and the Deacons stay undefeated.

Brian: Back in August we both predicted an Eagles victory this weekend. My final score prediction was 21-13 while you were feeling more confident in Jags and BC and predicted a 31-15 win. Having seen the Heels play a bit this year, care to switch up your prediction? Temper your expectations and your final score?

Jeff: I am still feeling very confident about Saturday. Much more so now than 2-3 weeks ago. Final score 27-10. Care to change your score prediction?

Brian: I'll stick with my original prediction. I think we'll win, and Jags is 15-1 when we score more than 20 points but only 1-3 when scoring less than 20 points.

Jeff: Last one, John Oates is going to be playing professionally for the Manchester Millrats. Surprised?

Brian: That's cool with me. I'm glad to see there's a job market for big men that can drain the 3.


Brian: Last week I appeared to have turned the corner posting a 3-2 record ... only to find out that Jeff posted a ridiculous 5 for 5 last week. With 30 games to play and me being back 6 in the loss column, it's looking grim. I have honors of picking first this week given I'm so far behind. Here is my week 9 underdog special:
  • Cincinnati at Connecticut +2
  • Boston College +3 at North Carolina
  • Texas Tech +1.5 at Kansas
  • Virginia +12 at Georgia Tech
  • Oklahoma State +12.5 at Texas
Jeff: I like 3 of your picks. I really dislike Texas Tech and I have no feelings on Connecticut.
  • Alabama -5 at Tennessee
  • Virginia Tech +5 at Florida State
  • Michigan State -4 at Michigan
  • Oregon -3 at Arizona State
  • Baylor at Nebraska -12.5

Enjoy all the sports this weekend and good luck to all the Eagles teams in action this weekend.