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Five Good Minutes: Virginia Tech Preview With Gobbler Country

Today we welcome furrer4heisman from the Virginia Tech sports blog Gobbler Country for five good minutes. In exchange, Jeff and I play a game of Toss Up over on Gobbler Country.

Brian: Not counting the ACC Championship Game, the Hokies have basically not scored a touchdown against the Eagles in their last two regular season games (you can't tell me Eddie Royal's foot was in-bounds last year!). What is going to be different about this year's regular season matchup? Do you see the Hokies getting in the endzone multiple times on Saturday?

Gobbler Country: The difference is Tyrod Taylor. He didn't play against BC last year and didn't see much action in Jax because Glennon was the hot hand that game. The Hokies won't have much success with a traditional run game against the BC front seven Saturday. The rushing yards are going to have to come from Tyrod. I think we'll get in the endzone multiple times because we can sustain drives with Tyrod running the ball and we'll be able to create turnovers on defense.

Eddie's foot was in bounds.

Brian: If by in bounds you mean, off the ground as he gained possession of the ball, then yes, I fully agree with you.

Jeff: What are the chances that Saturday's game is a preview of the ACC Championship Game? Follow up question: Have you already booked your hotel room in Tampa since Virginia Tech has wins against both Georgia Tech and North Carolina, the most likely Coastal Division contenders?

Gobbler Country: It could be a preview if BC wins. However, if BC loses, its would have two conference losses and it becomes very difficult to make it to Tampa. I'd love to go to Tampa because it's a great city with fantastic, but I have to be somewhere on business on Dec. 7, so like Jax last year, it's going to be pretty much impossible for me to go to the ACC title game if the Hokies make it.

Brian: After Saturday, what do you think is Virginia Tech's toughest game?

Gobbler Country: Florida State. We haven't won there since 1974 and we haven't played there since 1990. It's going to be a very challenging game for the players and the coaching staff. We shook off a lot of the Florida State stigma by beating them last year, but it won't be completely gone until we win at their place.

Jeff: Is Virginia Tech better or worse than last year? But regardless, will they win as many or more games this year?

Gobbler Country: They're worse, but so is the rest of the ACC. Just losing Xavier Adibi, Vince Hall and Brandon Flowers was going to mean the team wasn't going to be as strong. But then you look at all the guys gone from the offensive side of the ball and you knew nothing was going to come easy for this team. I think we'll finish the season 9-3. Hopefully that means we're playing in the ACC title game and we get two shots at that 10th win. And if we win both, it means were at 11 wins and that matches last year's total.

Brian: Is Steve Aponavicius the worst place kicker in the league?

Gobbler Country: No way. He's bad, but the kid from Maryland sucks out loud.

Jeff: Is Enter Sandman your favorite song?

Gobbler Country: It is during football season. I tried having the intro as my ringtone for a while, but it's too low and sometimes I couldn't hear it ring. It was tough to change it. My phone still gobbles when I get a text message, though.

Brian: Last one, have you been to Boston College for a football game before? If so, who has better looking girls - the Eagles or the Hokies?

Gobbler Country: I have, and that really is a tough one, but all girls look better in Orange and Maroon.

Brian: If you are stopping by our tailgate on Saturday, I'm afraid that answer isn't going to win over many friends. Thanks for joining us.

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