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Poll Results: Superfan Shirts for Grads?

We'll have our thoughts on the 34-7 Eagles win tomorrow, but first, here are the results from our latest sidebar poll - Over/Under: Wearing a Superfan Shirt Five Years After You've Graduated?

If you'll remember, Jeff went over on this with a couple of caveats while I say ... five years after graduation, it's high time to hang up that Superfan shirt. Well, our readers have spoken. Keep wearing those Superfan shirts, graduates. Just go easy on Chris Crane (booing? really?).
  • Over - 24 votes (44%)
  • Under - 20 votes (37%)
  • I'll take a BC polo and a pair of whale pants, please - 10 votes (18%)

Now that you've seen the Eagles in action and a quarter of the regular season is in the books, our next sidebar poll focuses on our running game. Now that each of our tailbacks has over 100 yards on the ground, who will emerge as the standout tailback for the 2008 season?

2008 stats through three games below. Note: Harris and Haden have carried the ball in 2 games while Smith has had rushing attempts in all 3 of our games.

Let us know your thoughts.

Back Carries Yards YPC Long TD
Montel Harris 18 133 7.4 37 0
Jeff Smith 26 107 4.1 42 (TD) 1
Josh Haden 23 101 4.4 20 0