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Rivals? and the Big Finish

Brian: Newsweek published a list of the top 12 college rivalries and listed the Boston College - Notre Dame rivalry as one of those 12. Irish fans please stop reading. I know you're in denial. The R-word?! For Backup College? Certainly not! Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: BC-ND is well deserving of this list. The football upsets certainly add to it, but what people outside of college sports don't understand is that these rivalries really stem from admissions. There are plenty of Notre Dame students that got rejected from Boston College and vice versa. There are also plenty of students that were accepted to both and had a tough decision to make. Hence, Havard-Yale was #1 on their list.

Brian: If we are such big rivals, you would think Notre Dame would like to schedule us in football past 2011. Or maybe they are just tired of losing to the Eagles.

Jeff: Just one question though: Have you ever even heard of Guilford or Oberlin Colleges?

Brian: I've heard of Otterbein College. Not the same? Am I close?

Brian: In the Globe's practice notes from Thursday, Billy Bennett made two field goals from 26 and 38 while Steve Aponavicius kicked one in from 29. Who emerges as the starting PK?

Jeff: I hate to bench Aponavicius after what he did for us two years ago against Virginia Tech but I really, really hope that Bennett can get it done.

Jeff: The ACC baseball tournament isn't coming to Fenway Park in 2009 as originally scheduled?! Your thoughts?

Brian: Big oops. Apparently due to a scheduling conflict, they won't be able to have the tournament at Fenway until 2010. This doesn't look good for the school or Fenway Park. What happened? The Fenway Sports Group can't pull any strings?

Jeff: This is horrible because Boston College had already started email marketing us football season ticket holders.

Brian: Here is the ACC Football Report's Boston College preview. Projected loss @ North Carolina. That cool with you?

Jeff: We suffered through that game three years ago, it better not happen again.

Jeff: Our blogpoll was posted earlier and the concensus seems to be that we have Clemson and Wake a little high. Shouldn't we be biased as ACC bloggers?

Brian: Clemson has plenty of talent, hence the high ranking. That and you have been brainwashed down in SC to think Clemson football is awesome. All kidding aside, no reason to think that the ACC shouldn't have 4 teams in the Top 25. Someone's gotta stick up for ACC football. Why not us?

Brian: Last one, West Virginia just received a verbal commitment from Curtis Feight, a 6'6" 270 pounds lineman from Germany. Boston College had also offered the kid a scholarship. New trend? Should Jags and the coaching staff start scouring Europe more for college football recruits?

Jeff: Jags should scour the world for kids 6'6" 270. I don't know about skill positions yet though. I'm pretty sure the best athletes in Germany are soccer players though, not American football players.