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BlogPoll: Preseason Poll Released at mgoblog

The preseason blogpoll was released today. Check out all sorts of interesting statistics and details on the poll over at mgoblog. Below is a breakdown of BC Interruption's votes compared to the rest of the blogpoll (click on each of the team names to get a breakdown of the ballot).

Blogpoll BCI Team
1 2 Georgia
2 8 Ohio State
3 1 Southern Cal
4 5 Oklahoma
5 9 Florida
6 12 Missouri
7 7 LSU
8 3 Clemson
9 4 West Virginia
10 6 Auburn
11 13 Texas
12 10 Texas Tech
13 25 Wisconsin
14 14 Virginia Tech
15 16 Kansas
16 17 Arizona State
17 15 Tennessee
18 21 Oregon
South Florida
20 18 Brigham Young
Penn State
22 24 Illinois
23 11 Wake Forest
25 20 Utah

The largest delta between our ballot and the blogpoll came with Wake Forest - finishing 12 spots lower in the blogpoll - and Wisconsin, who finished 13th in the blogpoll but barely cracked our Top 25. Call us bullish on the ACC and bearish on the Big Ten?

Ahh, where did Boston College finish, you ask? Well I guess bloggers decided to split the difference between the USA Today Coaches Poll (#31) and the Associated Press Poll (#33). Boston College finished with enough votes in the Others Receiving Votes category to place #32. Here is the breakdown of votes that the Eagles received.

The Eagle in Atlanta led the way ranking Boston College the highest at #16. The Ohio State blog Buckeye Commentary had the Eagles next highest at #18. We had the Eagles at #19. An Ole Miss, Nebraska, and Cal blog had the Eagles in the #23 spot. Three other bloggers voted for the Eagles in the #24 and #25 slots.

A preseason poll that, quite frankly, isn't all that exciting for Eagles fans. Hopefully if the team gets off to a 4-0 start we'll start to see a little more love in the polls as the season progresses.