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Headlines: Lambert Called Up and More Preseason Predictions

Countdown stands at a little over 5 days until Eagle football, or 1 Ryan Lindsey. Who, you might ask? That's who.

Former Boston College Eagles pitcher Chris Lambert makes his major league debut tomorrow night for the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers face the Cleveland Indians and presumptive AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee (18-2, 2.43 ERA). Probably not the ideal way to break into the Bigs.'s HD ranks each ACC school's schedule and ranks BC #3 of 12. I've said it before and I'll say it again - is it really fair that our rivalry game is with Virginia Tech while Wake Forest draws Duke annually?

Also from HD today - the Top 10 games to watch in the ACC this year. No surprise here. None of BC's games make the list.

The Clemson blog Sporting Gnomes thinks this is finally the year Clemson gets over the hump against the Eagles. They do, however, temper this prediction with another one, claiming that Wake Forest will get past Clemson and win the Atlantic. is still irked the Eagles joined the ACC. They predict we'll finish fourth in the Atlantic and think Clemson and North Carolina will meet in the ACC Championship Game.