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Five Good Minutes: More From the Class of 2010

Today we welcome Michael to the blog for five good minutes. Michael is a member of the Carroll School of Management's Class of 2010. Welcome, Michael.

Brian: First, Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you decide to attend Boston College?

Michael: I am currently a member of the class of 2010 in CSOM. I have lived my whole life in Maryland right outside D.C. I have been a die-hard Eagles fan since I was born mainly due to the brainwashing of my grandfather (class of 1950). Every birthday and Christmas I knew I would be getting something from the Boston College Bookstore and loved it. My first ever football game was a BC vs. Army game at West Point. I later attended numerous other games throughout my childhood. When the time came to decide which college to attend, I congratulated my grandfather on a job well done. I was destined to wear maroon and gold.

Jeff: We are told you follow the football team quite closely. What games are you attending this fall? What do you think the Eagles record is going to be in those games?

Michael: Unfortunately, this will be the first year I will not be attending a BC road game as I have already been to Doak Campbell [Florida State] and will wait on the Carolina trips until after I graduate. I am pretty optimistic about the Eagles this season and feel we will go at least 6-1 at home this year. The first three home games I think we will win comfortably - although UCF will be tougher than people think - and I can see us winning 3 of 4 of the remaining home games. Virginia Tech has some issues and is ranked high this preseason on name alone. Clemson's recent trouble against us is clearly known. The Irish are in jeopardy of seeing Boston College even up the all-time series in football. And I like our seniors in a revenge-minded Senior Day against the Terrapins. Hey, maybe we can go 7-0! Jags has clearly made a believer in me compared to Tom O'Brien.

Brian: Two individuals in particular have some big shoes to fill this coming football season. Most writers and critics believe Coach Jags still has to prove he can win with his own players, while Chris Crane has one of the most unenviable position in all of college football - following in Matt Ryan's footsteps as BC quarterback. Who has more pressure on them entering the season - Coach Jags or Crane?

Michael: Tough question. Even though Coach Jags has proven himself over an entire season and Chris Crane has only proven himself against Buffalo, I am going to still go with Jags. As many sportswriters have already pointed out, he has to prove he can win without Matt Ryan. And let's not forget the other impact seniors that are gone from last year's team like Cherilus, Dunbar and Silva. His recruits are going to be seeing more action and we will see if he has performed in the off-season. Not to mention every anti-TOB BC fan appreciated consecutive winning season and bowl game appearance. With a potential losing season this year, fans might start to doubt Jags.

Jeff: Tell us about your worst tailgating experience.

Michael: Has to be Florida State in 2006. I visited my friends at FSU and was the only Eagle fan I knew going to the game. Knowing it was Florida State's "Blackout" game, I still had to represent BC and wear the Superfan shirt. Let's just say I was easily noticed in the student tailgating scene. I have never been heckled so badly for so long in my life. My FSU friends loved the constant harassment from the Seminole faithful. I took the razzing with a good attitude and battled the fans throughout the game. I have to say the FSU students got a whole lot quieter after Larry Anam picked off Drew Weatherford on the Hail Mary attempt though.

Brian: Having attended the men's ACC basketball tournament the past 2 years, which team's fans are the most spirited? Which set of fans are just plain lame?

Michael: The Wake Forest fans were really a treat to watch in 2006 and 2007. They were the 12 seed in 2006 and still packed the Greensboro Coliseum and had a clear impact on their team's two upsets that tournament. Same thing in 2007 when they were the 11 seed and beat Georgia Tech in two overtimes in Tampa. Great fans. Good cheers. I enjoyed talking to their fans and their section in the arena was clearly noticed. This might seem like I am just following the national trend, but the Duke section brought nothing to the event. Their cheers were uninspired and their fans were arrogant. They did bring a lot of numbers to both events, but they were no joy to talk to and made me become one of the many who like seeing them lose. Miami's section was also pretty pathetic as it seemed the only fans in their section were the players' parents.

Jeff: We are told that the real TK is a family friend. Regular viewers of the show know that both of the guys really dislike blogs and the medium. What do you think he would think of this blog? (Put in a good word for us?)

Michael: TK does hate the whole blog wave, but I think he would enjoy how you guys use the show's format on a blog. I'll be sure to mention the blog to him the next time I see him. But I have to ask, who would you two see yourselves more like on the blog - TK or MW?

Brian: I'd have to say I'm more like MW, if only because I'm cooler and more hip than Jeff.

Jeff: Brian, don't confuse being hip with immaturity. Just because I've traded in my Wrangler for a family car and you live in NYC doesn't make you more hip. I enjoy my trips to the Home Depot and doing yard work on the weekends. I've always thought you were more of a TK guy because you run the show, though. The Eagle in Atlanta also has an opinion though and he disagrees with me, but for different reasons.

Brian: Put in a good word for us, just don't get us into any trouble! Alright, Michael, last one. In a recent NY Post interview with Brian Toal, Toal was quoted as saying his favorite sport outside of football was beer pong. Is beer pong really a sport, and if so, where does it rank in your personal list of favorite sports?

Michael: Haha. I actually read that and could not stop laughing. I have to give credit to Toal for giving the more controversial, yet clearly funnier answer to this commonly asked question. I have to consider beer pong a sport to consider myself a true BC student-athlete. And while it is probably the only sport that I might be able to hang with the current crop of BC athletes, beer pong is way behind my three favorite sports: football, basketball and lacrosse.

Brian: Thanks for joining us Michael.

Michael: Thanks for having me guys and keep up the great work. Only 11 more days until Kent State!

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