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Brian Begins to Doubt ... and the Big Finish

Brian: With a little over a week to go before the season begins, I don't know what to think. As a BC blogger, the tendency is to be confident in the Eagles this season despite what the mainstream media is saying about the team. But after reading yesterday's BC notes section of the Boston Herald, I'm not left with that warm and fuzzy feeling. Chris Crane and Dominique Davis continue to throw interceptions and Jags isn't happy about it.

Boston Herald:
"I don't like the turnovers one bit. Actually, it's disturbing to me," coach Jeff Jagodzinski said. "But on the flip side, if you see the big picture, the defense keeps taking the ball away and scoring. I'll tell you, I'd love to win a game 2-0."

The article later states that Jags hopes to get some PT for Davis in each of the Eagles games this season. All too reminiscent of the Tom O'Brien system of giving PT to the second stringer the first drive of the second quarter. Terrible.

I just don't know what to think at this point. My confidence is lower than its been for much of the offseason. Are we headed towards starting quarterback Dominique Davis come week 4-5 and a 5-7 finish? Or should I hold back any doubts I'm having until after seeing Crane in action next weekend?

Jeff: Wow, one less than positive comment from Jags and you think the Eagles are going to go 5-7 now? You are totally overreacting. Davis getting some PT is great because it will help him get ready for next year or this year should there be an injury to Crane. He might even have that "it" factor that doesn't show in practice and win himself even more playing time. As for the turnovers, of course the coach is not going to like them because he is an offensive guy. But we know defense is our strong side of the ball and the offense is going to struggle, especially early on. Your tone should not be changed, even a few injuries are just normal.

Brian: It's not that it is just one negative comment from Jags. I think it's just a little surprising because we're not used to hearing such negative sound bytes from Jags. If Jags wants to get Davis some PT, we should run up the score on our first five opponents and throw him in during the fourth quarter. Why disrupt the rhythm of the starting quarterback by sitting him in the second quarter? I always thought this was a moronic practice employed by Tom O'Brien and Dana Bible.

Jeff: But don't you wish Crane had played last year?

Brian: Sure - against Bowling Green, Massachusetts or Army. Or in the fourth quarter of our ACC games where the outcome wasn't in doubt.

Big Finish

Brian: Maybe Crane isn't quite there yet, but DeLeon Gause is ready to go. With three of four new starters in the secondary this year, do these Eagles hold up their end of the bargain, or are teams going to exploit our defense's only weakness?

Jeff: Just like last year, opposing teams are going to try and throw the ball more than run but we'll be fine. Our strength is still up front and they are so good that they'll make the secondary look better than they actually are.

Jeff: The basketball team is playing in the NIT tipoff where they would have to likely beat St John's, Purdue and Oklahoma to take home the title. Any chance?

Brian: If I was playing oddsmakers, I would give the Eagles a 15% chance to win it all. The field isn't all that strong, but I'm just not that sure about the basketball team just yet. I'm just hoping the Eagles make it to MSG (my neck of the woods) since they don't make it down here very often anymore.

Brian: Two more season previews (and more hate). Tim Stephens of the Orlando Sentinel ranks Boston College #61 of 120. J.P. Giglio of the News & Observer thinks the most likely scenario is the Eagles finish 7-5 (3-5). Make any sense?

Jeff: You need to just stop reading those previews. It's only a week away from kickoff so lets just evaluate where the Eagles are nationally after a few games.

Jeff: The team got some training on how to deal with the media, is that really necessary?

Brian: Maybe not as necessary as for some other schools, but this is fine by me. In general, our teams are very polished when it comes to speaking to the media.

Brian: Last one, Boston College up 1 spot in the US News & World Rankings to No. 34. Progress?

Jeff: Oh yeah, keep moving up and make my degree more valuable!