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Season Kickoff and the Big Finish

Jeff: Brian is on the road to Cleveland and I am unfortunately home. For those of you who watched College Football Live on ESPN2 on Wednesday night instead of the Sox beating the Yankees, you saw Jags give a live phone interview. If you were not worried about our QB position before, you should be now. Rece Davis posed the following question and Jags stuttered and struggled to answer it. I hope Chris Crane wasn't watching because I don't think it would've helped his confidence going into Saturday's game.

From ESPN2 College Football Live:

Rece Davis: "What did you expect from Crane going into training camp?"

Jags: "Well, I saw everyday that the guy got better with every snap. It's like it was a learning for him. I mean, we call him our fifth year freshman … at our place. But he's getting better with every snap he takes."

I don't know who wants to be called a fifth year freshman and coaches can usually come up with more to say about good players other than that they are improving.

Brian: Ahh, starting to doubt too, eh Jeff? I think we will be fine. Remember that Chris Crane isn't one of Jagodzinski's recruits so that might have something to do with it as well. While I wouldn't personally want to be called a "fifth-year freshman," I think Crane will do just enough to make us successful this season.

Jeff: I am not doubting our team, just Chris Crane. We now know that Davis is going to see some time and who knows, it might be a lot of time. We'll get more answers Saturday but I still expect this team to compete for the Atlantic division crown and spend most of the year in the top 25.

Big Finish

Brian: ESPN's Doug McIntyre has the Eagles men's soccer team ranked #4 going into this season and wonder if this is the year we finally get over the playoff hump. Odds Boston College can get through a brutal ACC schedule and win the National Championship in men's soccer this year.

Jeff: 10%. I hope they can win another ACC title.

Jeff: I'm giving you one last chance to change your ridiculous prediction that BC will go 6-2 in conference and finish 3rd in their division.

Brian: I am definitely sticking with my 6-2 prediction. Clemson, Wake and BC all go 3-0 against the Coastal and 3-2 intra division. Certainly not as ridiculous a prediction as UVA finishing second in the Coastal Division.

Jeff: You have said yourself that the Coastal is up for grabs and no one in that division is any good this year so why not UVA? They did go to the Gator Bowl last year, remember?

Brian: Kent State's running back Eugene Jarvis is the leading college football rusher that returns to campus this fall (1,669 yards, 131.9 yards per game). Boston College's run defense was ranked #2 in the nation last season. So in the battle of the unstoppable force versus the immovable object, who wins? Does Jarvis rush for over 100 yards tomorrow?

Jeff: No, we hold him to 99.

Brian: About a month ago, you predicted a 45-6 victory by the Eagles against Kent State. You've since had a month to think about it, let the mainstream media and Jag's quotes about Chris Crane soak in. Standing by your prediction?

Jeff: I am absolutely sticking with this prediction. Look for a lot of running game and our defense forcing some TOs and special teams giving us some good field position.

Jeff: OK, now every Friday we're going to pick five games against the spread to help you in your office pool or if you are making a trip to Vegas. Kids, gambling is bad, but here are our picks.

Jeff: I have two homer picks here.

  • Boston College -10 @ Kent State
  • Clemson -4.5 vs. Alabama
  • Western Kentucky +20.5 @ Indiana
  • Hawaii +35 @ Florida
  • Kentucky +3.5 @ Louisville


  • Fresno State +5 vs. Rutgers
  • East Carolina +9.5 vs. Virginia Tech
  • California -4.5 vs. Michigan State
  • Boston College -10 @ Kent State
  • Utah +3.5 vs. Michigan

Jeff: I hope your ECU pick is wrong simply because that was Lou Holtz's pick.

Brian: Last one, do you think Tom O'Brien woke up this morning and regrets leaving Chestnut Hill for Raleigh after a 34-0 SEC beatdown of his Wolfpack?

Jeff: For those who didn't watch this game, it was not a beatdown. Both teams struggled on offense until both starting QBs were knocked out with concussions. NC State then fell apart and SC took advantage of a tired defense late to make it a blowout. The score was 3-0 at halftime.

Brian: Don't stick up for Tom O'Brien and Dana Bible. The Wolfpack could have had Matt Ryan under center last night and they would have looked just as anemic on offense against a tough Gamecock defense. The Head Ball Coach did run up the score on the Wolfpack though.

Jeff: Finally, if you are watching from home, during Saturday's game, we encourage you to leave your in-game thoughts and comments at

Football season is finally here, Go Eagles!