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BC Interruption: Our Fall Lineup

Before the season begins, we wanted to share our schedule for the fall with our readers. If you are planning on attending any of these games, drop us a note at We'd love to hear from you.

On to the breakdown of our fall schedule.

The good news: In our desire to be informed blogpoll voters, between Jeff and myself, we should make it to anywhere from nine to eleven of Boston College's football games this year (the lone exception being the Rhode Island Parents' Weekend game - I think we got that game covered). That's a lot of football games. We figured we're not sure how many more seasons we have left in us where we can attend all the football our heart's desire before we have to worry about wives, mortgages, and little Eagles.

The bad news: Apparently Jeff doesn't like hanging out with me that much, as we are only getting together for 1, maybe 2 regular season games this fall. The annual BC Interruption reunion is set for the weekend of October 4 in Raleigh, NC, as the Eagles face Tom O'Brien and the NC State Wolfpack. The second game potentially being Florida State in Tallahassee.

The ugly: Note all those little Tiger paws below. I hate to break it to you, our dear readers, but the truth of the matter is that not only is Jeff a Boston College season ticket holder, he's also a Clemson Tiger season ticket holder. While he will maintain a slight edge in Boston College games to Clemson games this season (currently at 5 to 2), over/under two years before Jeff retires from BC Interruption and joins bloggers Chili and Willy Mac over at Block C (f.k.a. Danny Ford is God).

What?! There's no we? You cut me deep Jeff, you cut me deep.

Other notes: One of my friends is a Auburn season ticket holder and got me a ticket to the Arkansas-Auburn game. The game is on October 11 (BC BYE week). Call it a blogger exchange program to see how college football is done in the Southeastern Conference. If you have any advice on what to do while in Montgomery, drop me a line. I fly in and out of Atlanta and on the way home, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons play the Chicago Bears on that Sunday. Should I stop by the Georgia Dome?

If the Eagles can repeat as Atlantic Division champs, we'll see you in Tampa. If Clemson lives up to the hype, Jeff will probably take the better half to the ACC Championship game and Brian will stay home.

Date Away Home Location Attending
Aug 30 Cleveland
Sep 06 Chestnut Hill
Sep 13 Clemson
Sep 20 Chestnut Hill
Brian (?)
Sep 27 Clemson
Oct 4 Raleigh
Brian and Jeff
Oct 11 Montgomery
Oct 18 Chestnut Hill
Oct 25 Chapel Hill
Nov 1 Chestnut Hill
Nov 8 Chestnut Hill
Nov 15 Tallahassee
Brian and Jeff (?)
Nov 22 Winston-Salem
Nov 29 Chestnut Hill
Brian (?)

* assuming this game has ACC Atlantic implications