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Poll Results: A Successful Season? and New Polls

Here are the results from our most recent sidebar poll - What will you consider a successful 2008 football season?

Our readers have spoken and most of you think getting to 8 wins (just throwing it out there, peering into the crystal ball: Kent State, Georgia Tech, UCF, Rhode Island, NC State, UNC, Notre Dame and Maryland) and winning our bowl game (Orlando, Music City, San Francisco or a colder destination whose name will go unmentioned) will be a successful season.
  1. 8 wins and our 9th straight bowl victory - 44 votes (53%)
  2. Atlantic Division champs - 19 votes (23%)
  3. Playing ACC spoiler and knocking off Clemson and/or Va Tech - 8 votes (9%)
  4. Doesn't matter our record so long as we beat the Irish - 5 votes (6%)
  5. .500 in ACC play - 4 votes (4%)
  6. Doesn't matter our record so long as we beat TOB - 2 votes (2%)

For what it's worth, Ryan Purvis and Ron Brace disagree with you ... but not like we even put that as a poll answer!

Our next sidebar poll is a three part question. Pencils and paper out and ready. We ask you - our readers - where you think the Eagles will finish in the Atlantic Division race AND who you think will win the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions in 2008. It's only July and everyone already seems to have an opinion. So let's hear from you! (But be honest. Predictions should be made devoid of emotion).

Justify your vote in the comments section below.