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Overheard in South Carolina: What Jeff Is Hearing About Clemson Football

Brian: No headlines today, as the media isn't talking about anything today except Brett Favre and Yankees-Red Sox. So instead we ask Jeff about what he is hearing down in South Carolina.

The presumptive ACC champ Clemson has two major holes to fill - the offensive line and a linebacking corps that lacks depth. There will be significant pressure on Clemson to go wire to wire in the ACC this year. Jeff, what are some of the things you are hearing about the Tigers down in South Carolina? Are they as confident as the media and the voters who have tabbed them ACC preseason champs?

Jeff: Well usually around this time of year Clemson fans are talking about how underrated they are for this coming season and they are wondering why they are not in the preseason top 10. I'm being serious: Clemson fans have thought they had a top 10 team every year. On the radio shows four games into the season after the Tigers have already dropped a game or two they think they can run the table and at least make a BCS game. This year is different though. I try to get Clemson fans to tell me they think they're going to win the National Championship or at least the ACC but they won't. They have finally gotten tired of high preseason expectations and failing. This is the one year in the last many years that Clemson and its fans could be talking BCS game but they are not. They have excuses like the O-line, defense and the coach. These might all be weaknesses of the team but I still think Clemson should have higher hopes this year than they have had in a while.

Brian: Have you heard anything to give you an indication of whether or not they can finally get over the BC hurdle, as some sports writers have already alluded to? Or are they playing down their trip to Chestnut Hill and billing it simply as Clemson's inability to beat Boston College?

Jeff: It is not looked at by most fans as the BC hurdle. Based on the people I talk to and radio I listen to, it's still just those one or two games that they lose every year that they shouldn't have. Maybe if we can knock them off again this year it will be correctly dubbed the BC hurdle.