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Happy Time: A Look Back at a 2007 Preview

Brian: No BC birthdays of note today. If you know of one, leave in the comments section below.

Not so much an 'anniversary' but check out this post from this day one year ago. ACC Now's J.P. Giglio sat down with preseason college football guru Phil Steele and discussed Phil's forecast for the 2007 ACC season. Steele picked Boston College to finish dead last in the Atlantic Division.
"That doesn't mean I think they're a bad team," Steele said. "The main thing is the schedule and, of course, the coaching change."

"One of their strengths under Tom O'Brien was their O-line," Steele said. "They're changing to a zone-blocking scheme and that's going to take time to learn."

Not so fast my friend! Even though the O-line play was inconsistent at times, considering Boston College won the Atlantic Division last season, I guess Steele couldn't have been more wrong about the Eagles. Steele was also high on Florida State, NC State and Miami, thus proving that you should pay little to no attention to these expert preseason predictions.

Keep hating on the Eagles, experts. This is probably one of the main reasons why the Eagles have been one of the most underrated programs in college football over the past 19 seasons. Proven by real statistics! Notable programs on this list that are typically underrated year after year? (Surprisingly) Virginia Tech, North Carolina State and Maryland. Notable overrated programs? No surprises here. The Irish, Florida State, Miami-Florida and Clemson.

Happy Trails to Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper starting in the 2007 ACC Championship game. This AP article came out yesterday that stated that Harper suffered an injury during the Boston College game that may have sidelined him for the ACC Championship game. Last time I checked though, the Eagles won the Atlantic and Clemson didn't get a chance to play for the conference crown. Why this particular article is newsworthy is beyond me.