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Happy Time: Jared Dudley

Happy Time, Eagles!

Happy Birthday Jared Dudley. Jared is currently a reserve forward for the Charlotte Bobcats, drafted by the club 22nd overall in the 2007 NBA Entry Draft. Dudley was a solid contributor on the Bobcats bench during his rookie campaign, averaging 5.8 points per game and 3.9 boards per game. Hopefully he gets more PT this coming year with new Bobcats coach Larry Brown at the helm.

During his four years on the Heights, Jared helped lead the Eagles to four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, including 5 tournament wins. Jared was an integral part of Boston College's run to the ACC Conference Title game in 2007, coming within a Louis Hinnant desperation three-pointer of taking the title in our first year in the league. During his senior year, Dudley averaged 19 points and 3 assists per game, en route to being named the 2007 ACC Player of the Year.

Dudley is sort of a fan favorite over here at BC Interruption. Jeff, what's your favorite memory of Jared Dudley?

Jeff: I can't think of any specific play that is my favorite but I do fondly remember Dudley's knack for converting the 4-point play. Since I started following the Eagles, I can only think of two players - Jared Dudley and Troy Bell - that had the strength to hit the three while getting fouled and then converting at the charity stripe. What about you Brian?

Brian: I'm going to have to go with when Jared picked a fight with Duke's Lee Melchionni in the 2007 ACC title game. Dudley was the emotional leader of one of the best squads that BC has ever had over a four year span. That display of heart and emotion on national television was the sort of energy and passion that was decidedly missing from last year's basketball squad. A close second favorite memory would have to be his guest appearance on The BC's promotional trailer "Meet the Full Court Press."

Oh snap! It's Tom Brokaw from the nightly news. What's up baby?!