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Five Good Minutes: Another Young Fan's Perspective

Today we welcome to the blog another of our young readers, Kevin from Maryland. Kevin keeps us old guys honest with a fresh perspective on BC sports from the heart of Terrapin country.

Brian: Kevin, first tell us a little about yourself.

Kevin: Thanks for letting me be on Five Good Minutes.

Well, I was born in Maryland and I'm a Ravens, Orioles (don't get me started) and for whatever reason a Sabres fan, but just never really ever rooted for the Terrapins. In 2001, my family took a trip to Boston and we visited Chestnut Hill. I bought a Flutie jersey and fell in love with all things Boston College. I'm still pulling for one day to see the Orioles return to greatness, and I got a young taste of it with the Ravens back in Super Bowl XXXV.

Brian: Wait a minute, see the Orioles return to greatness? Implying that they were once great?

Kevin: What? 3 World Series Titles ain't enough?

Brian: I have to poke fun since your Ravens beat my Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

Jeff: Being a BC fan in Maryland has to be tough. Maryland is our closest ACC neighbor geographically, and the league seems to be trying to develop a rivalry between the two schools, i.e. scheduling BC-Maryland as our first ACC basketball game every year and scheduling the annual football matchup in November. Do you get any sense of a growing rivalry and/or sense any hostility between Terrapins and Eagles, or is it simply too soon for Maryland to care?

Kevin: Let me tell you one thing. Being a BC fan in Maryland is rough. Although Maryland doesn't necessarily have a good reason to hate BC, they do it anyway. After this year's loss to them (I went to the game myself), it was brutal. Phone calls at outrageous hours saying "BC SUCKS!" went on for weeks.

Eagles fans, avert your eyes!

Brian: I was at that game as well. Thankfully we rebounded against Clemson in Death Valley but that was a rough two week stretch between the Florida State and Maryland games.

Brian: Look into your crystal ball. Looking beyond 2008 when the Eagles lose Chris Crane to graduation, who do you see emerging as the quarterback of the future?

Kevin: Well, Codi Boek I think at this point seems like a better option due to his experience (3 junior college games), but to be completely honest I have no idea. Crane could go down this year and Davis could come in an impress Jags and the other coaches. There has to be some reason he's higher on the depth charts then Boek.

Jeff: I am hoping Codi Boek develops into the next Paul Peterson. I was at the game in Blacksburg in 2003 where he rallied the Eagles to victory. You said Peterson was your recent favorite BC athlete, what was your favorite memory?

Kevin: Well, I'd have to say the Notre Dame game in 2004 with the game winning catch to Gonzo. That was nice. After Notre Dame kicked that field goal, I thought what everyone else was thinking. "They gave us just enough time to win." And that's exactly what we did. That was by far my favorite memory.

Brian: We move to basketball as Kevin is in the heart of ACC basketball territory. BC had a lackluster performance in 2007-2008. What are the chances BC goes .500 or better in conference play next season after going only 4-12 this year?

Kevin: Well, from all sources I have heard, Rice may finally have some help coming from this Reggie Jackson guy (shooting guard from Colorado). He seems to have some good potential. I read on the CBS Sportsline message boards that he single handedly lead his team to the Colorado State basketball Final Four. I haven't heard much about any other recruit, but I'd say with the talent we already have, I say theres a 60/40 chance of performing better [than our 07-08 performance]. But if we do, it may not be by too many games. But hey, I could hopefully be wrong and we could return to the Sweet 16.

Jeff: Thanks for joining us, Kevin.