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Titletown USA Bad for BC? and the Big Finish

Jeff: The Celtics won Game 1 of the NBA finals last night which gets them one game closer to a championship. If the Celtics pull it off, Boston will then have won a title in all 3 major pro sports in the last four years. Is this bad for Boston College because it further solidifies Boston being a pro sports town or would you say it is what it is?

Brian: It is what it is. I actually think labeling Boston as a pro sports town is an excuse for lackluster BC fan support. If you are Boston College athletics supporter, you will continue to support BC even if the pro sports teams in your city are winning championships. Plus if I put my CSOM economics degree to use for a minute here, its not like the Boston teams that are winning championships are substitute goods for BC athletics:

The Celtics might win the NBA title this year while we all know what happened on the hardwood for BC hoops this year (tied for last in the ACC).

BC football certainly isn't winning championships -- our trophy case filled with Champs Sports, Meineke Car Care, MPC Computers and Continental Tire trophies hardly qualifies -- while the Patriots just completed the greatest regular season in NFL history.

BC baseball stinks up the joint in the talent-rich ACC and isn't really worth talking about.

And the reverse situation can be found in hockey - BC hockey has been great while the Bruins have had mediocre to downright awful seasons the past four years.

Jeff: Colin Cowherd of ESPN radio hit the nail on the head when talking about how the NHL went from a mainstream sport to falling off the map. He said the problem was that the NHL listened to their die hard fans. Die hard fans (like you and I are for Boston College) are going to support teams through good and bad times, travel to away games, etc. It's the other fans than BC needs to do a better job with or Conte will never be full against teams that are not national powerhouses and tickets will always be available in the parking lot when BC plays anyone other than Notre Dame and Florida State in football.

Brian: Yeah but most BC alumni move away from the Boston area after graduation and others (myself included) could care less about Boston pro sports teams. Even downright despise them.

Jeff: No, the average BC supporter lives in the Boston area and also cheers for the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots. If it's a nice fall weekend and you have tickets to both the BC-Georgia Tech game and the Patriots-Chiefs game and you need to get some work done around the house, you are going to skip the BC-GT game and go to the Patriots game as an average fan. But let's say somewhere down the line the Patriots suck, the decision might be different. So the bottom line is the Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox success can only hurt BC athletics.

Brian: With the economy the way it is these days, I doubt many fans are going to find themselves in this position.

Big Finish

Brian: Jeff, Steve Bartowski thinks Matt Ryan could be the next ... Steve Bartowski. Is this a compliment?

Jeff: It is a good thing that in the article he says that he thinks that Matt will be the Falcons franchise quarterback for the next 10 years. Being Steve Bartowski, however, is not particularly high praise.

Jeff: The Sports Guy took yet another cheap shot at Boston College in his June 5 NBA Finals preview. Do you still read this guy?

Brian: If I was a rabid NBA fan and obsessed with the Celtics then I would. I just can't read any more of his gushing about Boston pro sports. I mean, once you reach a certain level of national popularity and you write for a major, national sports news outlet, shouldn't you tone down the homerism ... just a little?

Brian: Start time for the Georgia Tech home opener has been set for noon (get your tailgating in early). You surprised?

Jeff: No surprise at all there. BC and Georgia Tech both have big questions to be answered this year so I'm sure ESPN and ABC have what they will consider better games to televise.

Jeff: Last one, does Big Brown get it done tomorrow?

Brian: With only 10 horses running and current odds at 2-5, I would say it's a pretty safe bet. If I was playing oddsmakers, I'd go as high as 75% that we have the next Triple Crown winner on Saturday.