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Measure of Success Next Season? and the Big Finish

Brian: Fox Sports' Rich Cirminiello is particularly high on BC football next season. A breath of fresh air from all the naysayers out there with their early 2008 season previews. Rich says that getting to 8 wins and extending our bowl winning streak to nine will be considered a success this season. Should the bar be set higher or lower, or is Rich right on the money?

Jeff: It is nice to read about someone singing the praises of Jags and Crane and several other BC players. However, I would not say Rich is right on the money on his analysis. He must not follow the ACC too closely because he lists Georgia Tech, who is not even in our division and might be rebuilding this year, as one of our key games. Then he says that repeating 11 wins is very possible. I love the optimism but if I were writing for, I would never write that.

As far as setting the bar at 8 wins to be considered successful, I am going to say that is too high. I am going to predict that the Eagles win 8 or 9 games next year but I am not going to say that any less would be unsuccessful. I think success should be considered .500 in ACC play or better. If we run the table on the 4 out of conference games, we still get to 8 wins, but if the team has a let down against Central Florida or loses to Notre Dame, I am not going to say they had a bad season.

Brian: I am going to say 8 wins is the right bar to consider next season a success. I think that even if we get tripped up in an out of conference game, that we should easily go one game better than .500 in ACC play.

Jeff: It's Friday so we go to the Big Finish. This KSK post sheds light on the guys at Pro Football Reference who have crunched the numbers and determined that Joey Harrington is statistically the worst quarterback in the history of the league. How long can the Falcons possibly go before Matt Ryan starts?

Brian: 8 games. If Ryan isn't starting halfway through the Falcons season, I will be shocked.

Brian: Gene DeFilippo announced last Saturday night that BC will commission a life-size statue of Doug Flutie outside of Alumni Stadium. The statue will be unveiled at one of the 8 home games this fall. So should it be 5'10" (Doug's real height) or should we round up?

Jeff: They've gotta give him the 6 foot version. He's done playing, no one's gonna notice. He's a legend now that will live on well past Doug's days of attending basketball games or practicing with the women's hoops team.Brian: The statue is long overdue. Doug and the "55 Flood Tip" put BC and BC athletics on the map.

Jeff: In the previously mentioned Fox Sports article, they have Brandon Robinson as the favorite for handing both the punt and kick returning duties. Good move?

Brian: As long as he doesn't fair catch the ball as much as Jamie Silva, great move. Although we are a BCS team, can't we get a BCS kick returner? (With no disrespect to B. Rob and his WR skills)

Brian: Last one, I caught Steve Carrell's latest movie Get Smart last weekend and was surprised to see a cameo by none other than Boston College alum Bill Romanowski. Good career move for the two-time Pro Bowl linebacker?

Jeff: Great move, what else does he have left? His image is tarnished by steroids so he might as well take the chance to cash a check whenever possible.