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Happy Time: Big East Raid and Russert

Get Happy Eagles!

A bye week for BC Birthdays. So we move right into dispensing the other happys.

A Happy Anniversary to Virginia Tech and a not so Happy Anniversary to Syracuse. On this day five years ago, ACC presidents decided to defer a vote that would have expanded the Atlantic Coast Conference to 12 teams, poaching Miami, Boston College and Syracuse from the Big East. The last minute change of direction was largely due to Virginia Tech's desire to join the ACC and political pressure from then-Virginia Governor Mark Warner. That year, both Miami and Virginia Tech received the requisite 7 votes from ACC presidents and BC and Syracuse were left out in the cold. Being one short of the number of teams needed for a lucrative football conference championship, BC had to wait a year later before being admitted to the conference.

Oh, what could have been for both Syracuse and BC! Syracuse has gone 7-28 (2-19 Big East) in the three seasons since BC jumped for the ACC, including a 1-10 season in 2005 and a 2-10 season last year. Meanwhile BC has held its own in three years of ACC football. Can you imagine if Syracuse was invited to the ACC instead of Virginia Tech? We might be looking at 2 ACC titles in the last three years. Think about it. A guy can dream, right?

A melancholy Happy Trails to Tim Russert. Hundreds attended his funeral yesterday in Washington. Tim was a great friend to the Boston College community and he'll be missed. We leave you with two of our favorite Tim Russert BC plugs.

"That’s all for today. We’ll be back next week. If it’s Sunday, it’s MEET THE PRESS. How about those Boston College Eagles? Matty Ryan for the Heisman trophy."

Louis Hinnant: Tim, isn't wealth in America important?
Tim Russert: Indeed, ... it's all about the benjamins baby! /fist pound