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Big Finish 6-13-08

Jeff: Brian decided to go to Denver this weekend rather than a few months back when the Eagles were playing for a National Championship there so we bring in Andy to fill in for him. And since Andy has watched every second of Celtic playoff basketball, we start with the NBA, how in the world did the Celtics come back and beat the mighty Kobe led Lakers last night after being down 25 points?

Andy: All season the Celtics have had the ability to score quickly, but last night it was their defense (and the Lakers collapse on offense) that changed the game. The Lakers turned the ball over and took bad shots while making Eddie House and James Posey look like an all stars. Paul Pierce has been great defensively throughout the playoffs, but last night he took it to another level and outplayed Kobe in key stretches of the second half on both ends of the floor.

Jeff: And to stick with pro sports for a second, what is more likely to happen, Tiger missing the cut today or Tiger winning the US Open on Sunday after he finished the first round at +1?

Andy: I never bet against Tiger. Even par at the US Open is usually a pretty good score. So, for Tiger to be four strokes off the lead after the first round isn't concerning. My two concerns for Tiger's chances of winning this years Open: 1.) His knee problems become a reason for poor play. 2.) Phil outplays everyone at his local Torrey Pines.

Andy: Jeff, SI put together this little list of the top 10 BC athletes of all time. Anyone surprises in your opinion?

Jeff: Yes, if it were a list of best players at their position I could see Matt Ryan being #6, but as just an athlete, no. An athlete is someone you can stick anywhere on the field. I didn't want Matt anywhere other than under center. I also thought Jared Dudley deserved to make it if Craig Smith was #5.

Jeff: Since the College World Series is the only college sport going on right now, over/under 20 years before BC makes it to Omaha?

Andy: I'll take the under. This last year wasn't great, but past teams have given hope that BC could contend on a national level. The talent is already at BC. Three players were selected in this year's MLB draft. Hopefully, playing in the ACC will bring in some top recruits.

Jeff: Hopefully playing in the ACC helps recruiting of all sports. Only time will tell.

Thanks Andy.