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Write-In Hater Vote: The Bonnies?

Justin: I am going to throw out a surprise write-in vote for the Haters Food Chain: St. Bonaventure.

Brian: What??

Justin: I have been going to the same dentist my whole life and he is an alum. For the last 9 years, all he does while drilling into my teeth is talk all kinds of crap about how BC sucks and we are overrated.

"The Bonnies are taking you down this year man! They are taking you down! The Eagle is not going to be flying on the court!"
(6 months later)

"That was such luck in February! We never get calls in Conte! Wait until you see this point guard recruit we got coming in from JUCO! He has NBA range!"
(6 more months)

"Down year for the Big East! A-10 is the new East Coast power conference in hoops! The tide is turning!"

I don't have time to go into his dissertation after we left for the ACC (during a root canal!), but this guy is truly, TRULY convinced that the Bonnies are one of our chief rivals. Maybe that doesn't make them Top 5, but I see them squeaking in as an Honorable Mention.

Andy: Sounds like you have to find a new dentist.

Brian: What's your dentist saying these days? St. Bonaventure managed to finish even worse than Boston College this year in men's hoops. 8-22. Ouch.