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Poll Results: Food Chain Haters

Here are the poll results from our side bar poll - our readers' very own food chain of the schools that hate us the most. It comes as no surprise to us that the winner is the school that tries to deny that they even think about the Eagles at all.
  1. Notre Dame - 42 votes (56%)
  2. Boston University - 32 votes (43%)
  3. Connecticut - 23 votes (31%)
  4. Rutgers - 11 votes (14%)
  5. West Virginia - 10 votes (13%)
  6. Holy Cross - 8 votes (10%)
  7. Syracuse/Providence - 5 votes each (6%)
The reasons why the Irish hate on the Eagles are convoluted and complex, and will probably take multiple doctoral theses to fully explain. We here at BC Interruption can't fully explain the hate, but we sign off this week by offering up three reasons why the Irish love the hate. Enjoy.