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The News & Observer Loves Us ... and the Big Finish

BC v. Clemson Round 4. A sure loss for the Eagles?

Brian: It literally pains me when I think about how far away we still are from football season. But apparently it's never too soon for so-called experts and pundits to preview this coming football season. The News & Observer's ACC Now blog threw their hat into the ring and came out with their pre-season outlook on BC and Clemson yesterday. The preview says a lot of things we already know about the team (inexperience at the QB and RB positions and holes to fill in the secondary), but I was surprised to read that the Eagles "will be hard-pressed" to get to 6 wins on the season. Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: That's crazy! If we struggle to win 6 games that means that 7 of our opponents might beat us. I think we will win all four of our out of conference games, then win two ACC home games (likely Georgia Tech and Maryland) and then possibly win every game in North Carolina (North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Wake). Meanwhile we could easily win at Florida State too. Now I'm not saying that BC is going to win 10 games next year, but they might. And simply put a team that might win 10 games doesn't then instead only win 5. Our defense will be too good next year to not win 6, 7, 8 or more games.

Brian: Yes, I agree this is a little short-sighted. BC hasn't won less than 6 games since 1998 and have averaged 8.7 wins per season since. I guess we'll be in a position to surprise some "experts" again this season. Weren't we picked to finish last in the Atlantic last year by at least one of these experts?! Also what strikes me about this preview is that our home date with Clemson is chalked up as a "sure-loss." Given that we have owned Clemson over our first three years in the league and that Tommy Bowden will still be coaching the Tigers come November 1, can anyone really say this is a sure-fire loss? (And please put aside the soft spot in your heart for Clemson football)

Jeff: I can guarantee you Clemson fans aren't seeing that game as a sure-win. They think Tommy Bowden can't beat us. There is no sure fire loss on our schedule this year because the two best teams we'll play - Clemson and Virginia Tech - both come to Chestnut Hill.

Big Finish

Brian: Kentucky and Indiana hoops have reportedly offered non-binding scholarships to 8th and 9th graders. New trend for Skinner to pick up or mere absurdity?

Jeff: That is nothing all that new. Tyler King of Duke this year had committed to UCLA before he was in high school. It's stupid. It's just a verbal commitment. No, Skinner should not do that. How do you know what kind of student an eighth grader is gonna be? Shoot, these kids might have their own kids by the time their signing day rolls around.

Jeff: Sailing's Adam Roberts was named Sportsman of the Year. That's good, right?

Brian: I would say so. Adam won't get as much pub as much as, say, SI Sportsman of the Year Brett Favre, but still a pretty nice honor.

Brian: Last one, our sidebar poll for favorite memory from the 2007-2008 seasons closes today. Jeff, what was your favorite memory?

Jeff: Memories from this football season trump everything else in Boston College athletics this year. I'm torn but I'll go with the Clemson game. That was amazing.

Brian: I'm going to go with the Miracle in Blacksburg, a game you and I attended. 56 minutes of "why the hell did I drive the 8 hours from NYC solo to attend this game?!" and 4 minutes of rock 'n roll mixed with awesomeness. But it's a virtual toss up between this game and celebrating an Atlantic Division crown with Baldwin on the field in Death Valley.