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Headlines: Welcome to the Offseason

The long road to August 30 begins today

Brian: Jeff, now that Memorial Day has come and gone (and you can now wear these) and summer has "unofficially" begun, how are you coping with the lack of BC athletics stories?

Jeff: Well fortunately the days are longer so I can spend more time outside and not wondering if BC can somehow repeat as Atlantic Division champs this year. But while I am in front of the computer I am encouraged by the various recruiting articles I have read and am optimistic that we will have a top 25 recruiting class next year.

Brian: Here is one such article on BC's recruiting efforts. As much as I try not to get into the recruiting storylines, I am excited to see the type of talent Jagodzinski will bring in. I am also hopeful he will silence the critics that say that Jags only won with Tom O'Brien's talent and that the Eagles would have won the ACC title if O'Brien was still around.

Jeff: The Jags era will ultimately trump the TOB era at Boston College.