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Headlines: Cleveland Rocks and ACC Bowl Reshuffling

Brian: Jeff, did you know that our season opener in Cleveland against Kent State is a "bowl game?" It's the second annual Patriot Bowl! Now my question is if we lose, what happens to our nation-leading bowl winning streak?

Jeff: First of all, not like we are in jeopardy of losing to Kent State under Coach Jags. Our defense this year is not going to let us lose games to teams we shouldn't. And TOB's overly conservative play calling is no longer plaguing our team. Secondly, no, our streak is post-season bowl victories. A lot of teams play "bowl games" with rivals and other teams throughout the season. Remember the Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands? That was a "bowl."

Brian: My boy, John Swofford, announced that the ACC is severing ties with the Humanitarian (nee MPC Computers) Bowl in Boise, Idaho. The conference will look to the newly created Congressional Bowl (in Washington, DC) and the January GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Alabama to fill the void. Good move for the conference?

Jeff: Geographically this is a great, great move that I wish could've happened immediately following the Boise Bowl game a few years back. The only reason I am not too excited about it is that Navy has already signed a contract with the Congressional Bowl and I really don't get too excited when we play Navy in the post season as we did in the Car Care Bowl when Aponovicious hit the game winning field goal. I would love to see the GMAC bowl replace the San Francisco Bowl also but playing a Pac-10 team is better than a C-USA team so I am a little torn.

Brian: Well, I agree that severing ties with the the Humanitarian Bowl is a great move for the conference. Although I'm a little concerned that the ACC is sending another team back there at the end of this coming season. If its the Eagles, I may shed man tears. I would not advocate also jettisoning the San Francisco Bowl for the January GMAC Bowl. As you said Jeff, playing the Pac-10 is a lot better than playing a C-USA opponent. The January bowls with no history seem to be a joke (see: the International Bowl? the GMAC bowl?), and I just can't imagine spending the new year in Mobile, Alabama. We had a great time spending the holiday in San Francisco to see the Eagles beat Colorado State. I'd much rather continue the conference's relationship with San Francisco than Mobile.

Jeff: Have you been to Mobile? Give it a chance. But I do kinda agree with you, if San Francisco continues to have a bowl and wants the ACC there, then why not?

Brian: Finally, the NCAA sent out a letter to bowls stating that even though they have certified 2 new bowls, bumping the total number of bowl slots to a ridiculous 68 teams, the new certifications don't guarantee that enough teams will be bowl-eligible. Then what was the NCAA thinking adding two new bowls and providing bowl slots for 57 percent of all D I-A teams?!

Jeff: I don't know what to say about this one. I agree, what were they thinking? I would have no problem having all these bowls if there were no conference tie-ins, or not none, but fewer, like if the ACC only had 4 or 5. Then all those lower bowls would be fighting for teams that make sense geographically and provide a good matchup. Ultimately, the shittier locations would be left hanging in years that there are not enough eligible teams.