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Happy Time: All Matt Ryan, All The Time

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Happy Time, Eagles! Today's happys all go out to Matt Ryan ...

Reasons for Matt to be happy:

  1. Matt Ryan just signed the most lucrative rookie contract in NFL history
  2. Matt Ryan also now owns the state of Georgia ?
  3. Matt Ryan may have gotten his record pay day just in time as the NFL might abandon their CBA in 2011.
  4. Matt Ryan's birthday was last weekend which we failed to mention amid doling out all those haters (Happy belated Birthday, Matt!)
  5. Matt Ryan was named the #7 best player of the ACC's BCS era
  6. In the same article,'s Heather Dinich also listed the 14-10 comeback victory ("and Lane Stadium goes ... silent!") as the #7 best game of the ACC's BCS era

Also, a 'Happy' BC Interruption shout out to our resident Eagles in the NHL and BC hockey expert Christian. Christian and his band, Evil Empire (a Rage Against The Machine tribute band), played their first gig in Hoboken last night. I attended and can report that they were pretty awesome. Here's a pic of Christian representing the Eagles with his BC hat (special thanks to BC Interruption reader Elizabeth for the picture). The hat stayed on for all of 1.25 seconds before he was channeling his inner Zack de la Rocha while singing and jumping all over the stage.

We are hoping that Christian's new hobby doesn't take him too far from the blog as we are still waiting on his fifth installment of Eagles in the NHL which, by my estimation, should include the Pittsburgh Penguins' Rob Scuderi and Brooks Orpik as they are 4 wins away from winning a Stanley Cup. Just saying.