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Five Good Minutes: Eagle in Atlanta

We welcome to the blog Bill Maloney (BC '98), the Eagle in Atlanta, for five good minutes.

Brian: School is out and the summer is rapidly approaching, a time of year when not much is going on in the world of BC athletics. What story lines are you most interested to see unfold over the next three months?


  1. Who is Chris Crane and how good can he be? By all accounts Crane had a very good spring. That’s good news. The staff had some questions about his ability in the past. That’s bad news. I want Crane to be good. I don’t think he’ll be as dynamic as Matt. He just needs to be accurate and move the ball. What happens if he’s not? Can Davis or Boek step in a la Ryan and Peterson during the Porter years? I am optimistic, but it remains a huge question mark.
  2. Can our offensive line improve? Injuries, new scheme, and lack of depth led to an uneven performance last season. Even though we are replacing two starters, this season should be better. We need to run the ball and that starts up front.
  3. Was last basketball season an aberration? I knew we'd take a step back, but I was bothered by our inability to hold onto leads in some winnable games. The once reliable offense could not generate efficient possessions and the rebounding was suspect. I think we'll improve with the departure of Blair and Oates. However, if we struggle, who is the scape goat?

Jeff: For next year's football team, are you more concerned about replacing Matt Ryan or replacing the rest of the senior class?

ATL_Eagle: Replacing Ryan. Of the other seniors that departed, who leaves a hole? Silva? Ayers, maybe?

I am pretty comfortable predicting what Spaz’s defense will average over the course of the season. And if this unit proves to be an outlier to that pattern, I think it will be an outlier on the plus side of the Bell Curve.

Ryan has been the best QB in the conference for the past three years and the best BC QB since Foley. That is a big hole to fill. The good news is that the majority of our pass catchers are back. I also think we have enough talent arriving in the backfield to make up for the loss of Callender. The line should improve. That leaves QB. Crane has clearly waited his turn and is of the same mold as Ryan. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll be good.

Brian: If you had to stop supporting BC football and were forced to root for another ACC football program, which team would it be and why?

ATL_Eagle: ACC teams…eh. I love being in the ACC but have no allegiance to any of the other programs. Since my formative sports fan years coincided with the rise and prime of the Miami Hurricanes, I have a special place in my heart for the thugged out legacy of the U. However, I can’t really get into the current ‘Canes. No Orange Bowl. No talent. No winning. The Florida International brawl made me laugh at the time, but swagger without skill is not endearing. Florida State – nope. The Tobacco Road schools? Not feeling it. Maryland and UVA leave me cold.

I guess it would have to be Clemson. Classy fans and a great gameday experience.

Brian: Well, as a proud season ticket holder, Jeff can get you Clemson Tigers tickets if you'd like.

ATL_Eagle: Truthfully if BC pulled a Holy Cross and decided to deemphasize sports, I’d just root for my other alma mater – Georgia.

Brian: Check back next Wednesday for five more good minutes with ATL_Eagle.

The Eagle in Atlanta blogs about all things Boston College athletics. His blog, is very popular with BC students and alum and has been going strong since December 2004.