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Big Finish

Brian: Although Gerbe did not take home college hockey's top honor, he was named the USA Hockey's National College Player of the Year Award. Nice consolation prize?

Jeff: If the Hobey voting hadn't started until the season was actually over he would've won that too. And being that he's already inked a pro contract I don't think he really cares about college accolades anymore. At least I wouldn't.

Jeff: Speaking of Hobey Baker winners, who will have a better pro career? Kevin Porter of the Coyotes or Gerbe on the Sabres?

Brian: Tough to say at this point but I think Porter gets the early edge because of his size, but I've learned to never count Gerbe out.

Brian: Clemson's Tommy Bowden just inked a new deal through 2014. If Clemson doesn't win the ACC this year, is he gone?

Jeff: No, Tommy Bowden is there to stay so don't bother starting any rumors.

Brian: If what you say is true, Jeff, chalk another up in the plus column for BC. I mean can Bowden ever beat BC?

Jeff: Last one, I'm still torn over what should be the away game that everyone should make a trip to next year but I am definitely leaning towards NC State, you agree?

Brian: Agree. Other than the season opener in Cleveland, which we both plan on attending, NC State seems like the best choice. The UNC game is sandwiched in between two games on the Heights that everyone must attend (Virginia Tech and Clemson), and the Florida State and Wake games are later in November and come after Notre Dame at home. Timing is best to make the trip to Raleigh in October in my opinion.