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Poll Results: Your Best Bros

Kramer: Listen, Frank, have you ever considered wearing something for support? Now, look at this. Mind you, this is just a prototype.
Frank: You want me to wear a bra?!
Kramer: No, no. A bra is for ladies. Meet, the bro.

Brian: Here is your (our dear readers) very own food chain that attempts to answer the question of who is the best pair of Boston College Eagle bros.

6) The Rajis – 1 vote (2%)
t-4) The Toals – 2 votes (5%)
t-4) The Orpiks – 2 votes (5%)
3) The Hasselbecks – 7 votes (18%)
2) The Giontas – 11 votes (29%)
1) The Fluties – 14 votes (37%)

… with some strong objections to the exclusion of the Eaves. This looks much more similar to Jeff's food chain than my own. I expected better from you readers than to agree with Jeff!

Jeff: I'm thinking Corey is a reader and voted for himself. I was being fairly generous putting him at #5. He is my favorite member of our basketball team but c'mon.

Brian: Also, no love for the Walls. Maybe we didn't sell them enough. What? Matching tattoos not badass enough?