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Poll Results: Matt Ryan is a Falcon

Brian: Congratulations to the 21 of you that picked the correct destination of Matt Ryan on Draft Day. I personally thought he was going to fall to Baltimore, but Atlanta did the right thing and pulled the trigger at #3. Then Baltimore trades down to nab local boy Joe Flacco at #18?! An interesting pick that will probably forever tie the careers of the two rookie signal callers together.

  • Ravens 24 (34%)
  • Falcons 21 (30%)
  • Chiefs 12 (17%)
  • Someone else 9 (12%)
  • Jets 3 (4%)
  • Vikings 1 (1%)

  • Our new poll turns our attention to the Eagles that weren't as fortunate as Matt Ryan, Gosder Cherilus and DeJuan Tribble. The question - which undrafted Eagle is most likely to play on Sundays? Voting will be open for 3 weeks. Vote on the sidebar to the right.