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Happy Trails, Spears and Kaba

Jeff: The day after the announcement of both Shamari Spears and Daye Kaba transferring broke, we play some basketball oddsmakers.

Odds incoming freshman guard Reggie Jackson has a better freshman campaign than Sanders (11.3 ppg, 4.6 rpg)?

Brian: I am going to go high here and say 60%. Jackson will get some decent playing time next year with the departure of Oates, Spears and Blair. He should be in a position to start and contribute right away. And a backcourt rotation of Rice, Paris, Sanders and Jackson is pretty formidable.

Jeff: Sanders had a solid freshman season. Are we expecting Jackson to be another Dudley? Craig Smith? That is way too much to expect out of a freshman that is coming to the Heights next year. Jackson could be a solid contributer and still not match 11.3 ppg.

Odds Boston College will land a McDonald's All-American in the next ten years?

Jeff: You've gotta go low here given the fact that BC hasn't even come close. But at the same time, within the next ten years Skinner will retire and who knows who the next coach might be. I mean look at what Bob Huggins did at Kansas State in just one season? 20%.

Brian: 10%. It's not going to happen with Skinner here. Skinner is constantly looking for the diamond in the rough, a la Sean Marshall, Jared Dudley, Craig Smith, Troy Bell. Unless Skinner's successor comes in with a decent sized pedigree, I don't see this happening.

Odds Boston College finishes ahead of UNC in the ACC standings next year?

Brian: Football 100%, ice hockey 100%, basketball 0%.

Jeff: I thought we were talking basketball but with Butch Davis at UNC you have to bring that 100% down to maybe 67%. UNC had a young football team last year and could improve drastically in the coach's second year. As far as basketball goes, I say 49%. I expect 9 or 10 wins out of BC next year and UNC could lose Hansbrough and others to the NBA which changes everything.

Brian: Roy Williams doesn't rebuild, he reloads. Also, UNC football is still a year or two away. 49% is ridiculously high.

Last one, odds Rakim Sanders ever makes first team all-ACC?

Jeff: Rakim Sanders clearly had the most potential of any player to wear a BC uniform this year and I would imagine many opposing coaches worry about defending him as his skills and jump shot continue to develop. However, I don't see him ever completely dominating statistically and therefore his placement on such a team will be dependent on the overall team success for the Eagles. I'm going to go 5%.

Brian: You have to go higher than 5%, Jeff. Look at Tyrese Rice's freshman year. Sanders averaged more points per game in his first year, and now Rice is a first teamer. If Sanders lives up to the potential, by his senior year, I'll give him a 15% chance of making first team.

Jeff: Wow, 5% vs. 15%! Way to go out on a limb, buddy.