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Happy Time: Matt Ryan on Cover of NCAA 09

Brian: Happy Time Eagles (a day early) to Matt Ryan who landed on the Playstation 3 cover of NCAA Football 09.

As Christian pointed out, #12 joins some good company in Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush, Carson Palmer, Chris Weinke, Ricky Williams, Shaun Alexander, Joey Harrington, Jared Zabransky ... well, at least some good company. This didn't work out so well for others. Let's hope there isn't the college football equivalent of the Madden curse.

NCAA Football 08 is a pretty good game ... check out the 09 version. Too bad that McFadden landed on the cover of the XBox version of the game. Admittedly, I'm a little upset I don't have a PS3 now.

Also, love the screenshots of #10 as the signal caller on the Heights! Check them out in the article.

Jeff: Unhappy Trails Brady Smith, you pled not guilty to rape charges but if the accuser's story is even partly true there is no room for you at Boston College. Rumor has it that Jags has already let you go and BC will move on regardless of the outcome of the case. Kudos to Jags for moving swiftly given the severity of the issue.