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Fortune Teller: West Regional Brackets

Required stop on any West coast trip

Last up on our tour of the NCAA brackets is the West regional. The #1 here is formidable Pac-10 conference champion UCLA, winners of their last 10 games. The ACC representative? #2 Duke faces #15 Belmont.

One final DISCLAIMER! Read on at your own bracket's peril, and as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Jeff's Picks

First Round: UCLA, BYU, Western Kentucky, San Diego, Purdue, Xavier, Arizona, Duke
Second Round: UCLA, Western Kentucky, Xavier, Duke
Sweet 16: UCLA, Duke
Final Four Pick: UCLA

Brian's Picks

First Round: UCLA, BYU, Drake, Connecticut, Baylor, Xavier, West Virginia, Duke
Second Round: UCLA, Drake, Xavier, West Virginia
Sweet 16: UCLA, Xavier
Final Four Pick: UCLA

Brian's "wisdom"

I do not see many upsets here. Although being on the east coast clouds my psychic abilities, hearing that UCLA has quietly won their last 10 games in a tough Pac-10 conference tells me they are built for the long haul. ACC representative Duke is very overrated in my opinion as a #2. They could easily make an early exit the first weekend, falling to #7 West Virginia. Our buddy Christian is high on Drake, and this bracket is particularly heavy on the mid-major - Xavier, BYU, Western Kentucky, and WCC champion San Diego.