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Fortune Teller: South Regional Brackets

My favorite destination in the South, a close second being visiting Jeff in SC

Next up, the dirty dirty. The South Regional features C-USA champion #1 Memphis and Big XII runner-up #2 Texas. From the ACC, Miami (FL) is the #7 seed, who has a tall order against #10 St. Mary's.

Again, a disclaimer. Read on at your own bracket's peril, and as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Jeff's Picks

First Round: Memphis, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Stanford, Miami, Texas
Second Round: Memphis, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas
Sweet 16: Memphis, Texas
Final Four Pick: Memphis

Brian's Picks

First Round: Memphis, Oregon, Temple, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Stanford, St. Mary's, Texas
Second Round: Memphis, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Texas
Sweet 16: Pittsburgh, Texas
Final Four Pick: Texas

Brian's "wisdom"

Jeff would have you believe that Texas won't get past Memphis in the Elite 8s, since they didn't win either the regular season or conference title in the Big XII. If you follow my advice though, Memphis isn't going to get past Big East champion Pittsburgh. Missed free-throws will finally catch up to Calipari's cats. The road for the C-USA champs was all too easy (#27 SOS) and Pittsburgh is playing great basketball, having knocked off G'Town in the Big East final. I see #2 Texas emerging from this bracket. They played great basketball in the Big XII title but still fell short to Kansas.