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Headlines: More Hoops and Hockey Woes

Jeff: Instead of winning 3 of 4 games this weekend for men's hockey and both basketball teams, the Eagles lost 3 of 4, the most disappointing of which being Friday night's overtime loss in hockey where the Eagles were winning with less than 2 minutes left in regulation. But fortunately, a win on Saturday got the team home ice for the opening round of the conference tournament. Break it down for us Christian.

Christian: Well, like you said, we now have home ice and we're heading into the tournament on a win. After seemingly stalling in time for the Hobey Baker race to heat up, Gerbe has 2 G and 2 A in his last 4 games. Not spectacular (his last goal was also an empty-netter), but it would be great if he starts getting hot right now. The bad news in all of this? The Eagles have played terrible at home. They have a 4-7-4 (4-7-3 in conf.) home record, as opposed to their 8-3-4 (7-2-4 in conf.) and 5-1-0 records away and at neutral locations, respectively. Plus, they're playing Providence, who they haven't beaten all season (0-2-1). If they do beat Providence, at least they'll then be playing in the Garden, where they won the Beanpot earlier this year. So, the odds certainly aren't stacked in their favor for the first round, but things are definitely looking better in the second, that's for sure. But all that being said, I'm going to be optimistic for this weekend. Let's remember something, there's no ties in a playoff game, so I'm hoping that works to BC's advantage. I see them beating Providence in 3 games.

Jeff: After losing to Georgia Tech on Saturday the men's hoops team finished the ACC year with a terrible 4-12 record which includes 1-11 in their last 12. Optimistically though the Eagles have been competitive the last few games but had fewer point than the opposition when the final buzzer sounded. This leaves BC earning the #11 seed in the ACC tournament and will play Maryland in the last game Thursday night. I like the fact that we drew Maryland because we beat them once already this year and still played them fairly tough the second which was in the middle of playing our worst basketball of the season. So I like their chances to advance one round but then that would give them the #3 seed Clemson who quite possibly creates the worst matchups problems in the league for our team with their athletic bigmen. But lets just take it one game at a time and I hope to see a victory Thursday night.

Christian: You and me both... Also, I can't forget to mention that Tyrese Rice, the only real bright spot of an otherwise abysmal season, was named to the All-ACC first team today. Tyrelle Blair was named to the All-Defensive team as well. Congrats guys, but in all honesty, I'm ready for the 2008 football season right now. I hate to admit it, but this year I've probably watched less college basketball than I have in the last 7 or 8 years. My bracket is certainly going to suffer this year. Well, more than usual, anyway.