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ACC ROY and the Big Finish

It's Friday so we go to the Big Finish

Jeff: Brian is off frolicking in the sun with Megan so we bring back "BC hockey expert" Christian in his place. Welcome, Christian, what do you have for us?

Christian: Thanks, Jeff. Well, I'm going to stray from my hockey knowledge for a bit to congratulate Stefanie Murphy of our women's hoops team for being named ACC Rookie of the Year on Tuesday. Quite the accomplishment. She and Carolyn Swords were also both named to the All-ACC Freshman team. Congrats ladies.

Jeff: In the first round of the ACC tournament last night the Lady Eagles beat Virginia Tech in overtime. Is this enough to get the Lady Eagles in the NCAA tournament?

Christian: I'm not so sure yet, but it's a possibility. They were a 7 seed that beat a 10 seed, so that shouldn't have been a surprise victory, even though it advances them in the tourney. But the fact of the matter is that they're only 7-7 in conference and behind 5 other ACC teams with better records. Plus, they're going to have a tough time against Maryland tonight, who already blew them out in their first two meetings. Assuming they lose, that puts them at 20-11. 20 wins is good, so I'm going to be optimistic. Let's hope for a big upset tonight to really seal the deal. We need at least one of our teams to make it to the big dance....

Christian: Men's hockey has a weekend series against Northeastern starting tonight. Do you think we'll be able to finish the season strong?

Jeff: I always think and expect BC hockey to finish the season strong and they usually do not disappoint. I am going for 3 wins between men's hockey games against NU, basketball against GT and women's bball against Maryland. Optimistic I know, but BC is going to start turning things around this weekend.

Christian: I like your optimism as always, but I'm sensing more of a 2 win, 1 tie weekend. We all know the hockey team gets what seems like one a weekend. Another big ACC matchup this weekend is the always heavily hyped UNC vs Duke game. Are you going to be watching, secretly rooting for Duke like the closet Blue Devils fan I know you are? Or did I just open your closet door?

Jeff: I stopped being a Duke fan when I got rejected for admission Christian, but since our friend LK is currently a student there I will certainly be cheering for them over UNC.

Dan Lebetard is an unworthy replacement for TK and Mike Wilbon but Christian you have been a more than worthy replacement for Brian. See you again on Monday when we can preview the Men's ACC tournament.