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TV Picks

Brian: Jeff, BC men's basketball returns home to face the NC State Wolfpack this evening at Conte Forum (7pm, ESPN). I will actually be able to watch tonight as I'll be on a plane to Sacramento (spending the long weekend with my girlfriend's fam). Are you going to get to watch the game tonight given that its Valentine's Day? Break down tonight's matchup.

Jeff: Brian, it's Valentine's Day so I think that might mean a few (more) empty seats in the stands tonight. But, it's on ESPN so that usually brings out a couple more students with signs. So I predict 6,200 in the stands. But will those people be cheering or quiet? I'm predicting big cheers. I expect a win and maybe even a big win. BC has been playing better despite being on a six game slide but that all ends tonight. NC State is a team Boston College should beat on their floor and I think tonight they continue to get healthier and become a more cohesive unit. Big game tonight for Rice, Oates, Sanders, Raji and Southern. You heard it here first. 12+ point victory for the Eagles tonight!

Brian: Wow! A 12 point victory when the line is -4 BC (which is pretty much a 50/50 toss up with the edge going to the home Eagles). A bold prediction. I like your optimism, Jeff. I think we'll win, but I don't think it will be by 4. I am predicting a 4 point (or less) victory by the Eagles tonight.