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Hoops vs. Heels and the Big Finish

Jeff: The Eagles went into Chapel Hill last night and got thumped. There were brief moments in the first half where Boston College played well, including taking a 26-25 lead. After that though it was all UNC on their way to a 22 point victory. Tyrese Rice ended up leading all scorers with 20 but don't let that fool you into thinking he played well. Rice went 1 of 9 from behind the arc and well into the second half he was still in single digits for scoring. He scored most of his points while BC was down 25. The lack of size on the Eagles squad was also prevelant in the game. Blair picked up his third foul with nearly 10 minutes to go in the first half! Southern then had to play far more minutes than he is used to. His lack of experience showed when he ran into one of his teammates trying to make a simple cut in the flex offense. BC has two days away from Boston to get re-energized for the game at Clemson Saturday night which they can win if they play at a high energy level.

Brian: It wasn't even close and wasn't pretty to watch. Very similar to the Kansas game. I did take some offense to UNC's Tyler Hansbrough dunking the ball up 30. No class, but whatever. They can have basketball because they are miserable at football. The Eagles certainly showed that they are not an elite ACC team this year, but there is still hope that they can hang with the second tier ACC teams of Virginia Tech, Clemson, Maryland and Wake Forest the rest of the way.

Jeff: I have no problem with Tyler dunking the ball up 30. How old is he? 20? If we were talking about a high school game I would have a problem with it. But we're talking about big time Division I basketball. And not to mention that BC was in the game at one point and Roy Williams sat his starters down and gave it to them because he was not happy.

Big Finish

Brian: Preparing for a big weekend of sports, we go to the Big Finish. Jeff, reeling BC goes into Littlejohn tomorrow, losers of three straight. Clemson's point guard will be unavailable for the game. You will be in attendance. Make a prediction?

Jeff: I still like the Eagles chances. I think they will be energized. Clemson has some injuries too - key players with Stitt out and Booker not at 100% if he plays at all. I'm going with a 4 point Eagle VICTORY!

Brian: As always, I like your optimistic Jeff.

Jeff: Does BC hockey keep rolling this weekend against an improving Providence team? Or does it not even matter because they have their first Beanpot game against BU on Monday?

Brian: Of course this game matters. This is a Hockey East game we need to win (need 2 points to keep pace with UNH), the Beanpot nothing more than Boston bragging rights. I like the Eagles tonight. Gerbe has a big night and Muse has a solid game in net. 4-2 Eagles.

Brian: Last one, Super Bowl XLII. New York Giants vs. the 18-0 New England Patriots. BC Guys on both sides. Given the week off, have the media and fans falsely convinced themselves that the Giants actually have a chance to win?

Jeff: No, the Giants do have a chance but still no one including myself expect them to win.