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A Date with the Dukies and the Big Finish

We go to the Big Finish on a day BC Interruption celebrates its 1000th visit.

Jeff: Big basketball game on CBS tomorrow when the Blue Devils go to Conte Forum. I'll say it again, BC has no chance to win but I hope to continue to see some improvement out of some of our young players. And maybe John Oates can build off his monster game Wednesday night.

Brian: It already makes me sick to my stomach thinking about losing to this team by 30 points, in front of 3x more fans than the Maryland game.

Brian: ESPN has BC on Bubble Watch. Unless we go on a ridiculous tear, I don't see us making the tournament and N.I.T. is debatable.

Jeff: Brian, why so pessimistic about BC basketball? 3 of our 5 conference losses have come from the 4 teams that you have making the NCAA tournament. So after that all we have is a road loss against Virgina and an overtime loss against V-Tech. After Duke tomorrow there are lots of winable games on the schedule.

Brian: 12-9 with no quality out of conference wins (outside of maybe Rhode Island) and bad out of conference losses = my pessimism. Although I continue to admire your optimism, Jeff.

Jeff: I saw on SportsCenter today some talk about Matt Ryan being the #1 pick and going to the Dolphins. Give me odds.

Brian: It would not be unprecedented for Parcells. The Tuna has done this before, turning a junior Washington State QB into a #1 draft pick. Dolphins need a lot more help than Matty Ice but its a good fit. Given that the Dolphins can do a whole bunch of things with the #1 pick, including trading down, I'll go relatively high on this and say 40%. It would be a ton of pressure on the Iceman though.

Brian: Hockey against Massachusetts (10-9-6, 5-8-5 HEA) tonight. Two teams going in opposite directions. Do the Eagles keep pace with New Hampshire and Providence tonight?

Jeff: Of course. I always expect BC to win in hockey.

Brian: 3-1 Eagles victory behind Gerbe and a solid performance from Muse.