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Mea Culpa Rice and the Big Finish

Jeff: Big win for the Eagles last night in hoops. Who had a better night? Tyrese Rice with his 32 points or me since I corectly predicted not only a win but a large margin of victory despite the Eagles having lost 6 in a row.

Brian: Both you and T Rice had a beter night than me. I was looking forward to catching the game on my Jet Blue flight from NYC-Sacramento only to be told on the JFK tarmac that the tvs weren't going to work for the entire flight! Totally bummed me out. Mea culpa to Rice and the Eagles and props to you for predicting the correct margin of victory.

Brian: Crucial Hockey East matchups this weekend. BC gets Lowell for a home-and-home while New Hampshire takes on Providence in a home-and-home. 5 points separate the Eagles and the Wildcats. What will be the point defecit after this weekend?

Jeff: I am going to say they cut it to 4 points. They make up one point with a win and a tie for the Eagles and a win and a loss for UNH.

Jeff: The Eagles have another home game Sunday against Virginia which I expect them to win. I am not going to say this will be an easy victory but I do expect a W and the Eagles to start creeping back up the ACC standings.

Brian: UVA's in conference record is deceiving. They have played a lot of good ACC teams close. Still, I'm hoping for a close win and some revenge on the Cavaliers.