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BC v. Providence In-Game Comments: 2nd Period

Deflated, through 2 periods. Only a few minutes after we draw within 1, Muse gives up another really poor loose puck right in front of the net. 3-1 Friars after 2 periods.


  • John Muse gets some confidence back with a huge stop on a penalty shot awarded to Providence about halfway through the period. If that goes in, this game is essentially over.
  • Decent penalty kill from 9:11-7:11 after a stupid penalty by Petrecki
  • We have some life. Orpik with the PP goal to cut the deficit to 1 with about 3 minutes left in the period.
  • Outshooting our opponent 26 to 17. What is a like is also a ...


  • Did I mention that Sims was standing on his head and Muse wasn't up to the task? Midway through the second period, Sims had 17 saves and Muse had 3, and had let in 2 goals. I don't need to bust out my calculator to know that that's a poor goals against average through half the game.
  • Both teams had stretches where they couldn't get anything together.
  • Oh no! Bertram missed a WIDE open net to draw the Eagles closer.
  • And Muse gives it right back with 2 minutes to play. Terrible puck management and a really soft goal. 3-1 Friars.

On to the 3rd period ...