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BC v. Providence In-Game Comments: 1st Period

Brian: Yep, I shelled out the $4.99 to watch the game on ACC Select. This was actually the first game of the year I've gotten to watch live (read alot of online articles and looked over a ton of box scores). Here are my thoughts on the game after 1 period, 2-0 Friars.


  • BC came out of the gate strong. The first 5 minutes were dominated by BC. Then Muse let in a really soft goal and all of the team's confidence was lost.
  • BC's aggressive play. In typical BC fashion, we outshot Providence in the first period.


  • A tale of two goaltenders. Muse looks like a freshman. Providence's Tyler Sims looks like a senior. It looks like Muse's confidence is completely shot after letting in two really soft goals.
  • Gerbe misses a golden opportunity. He went in almost unabated on a breakaway and came up short. This team really needs him to step up down the stretch if we have any hope of making noise in the Hockey East tournament.
  • Home ice advantage. What home ice advantage? I understand that this ticket wasn't in the student ticket package (since BC's spring break is March 3-7 and many students have headed home), but maybe the BC Athletic Department should rethink that strategy. Wouldn't it be better to give those tickets to students to give to other students / friends that will be in the area over break? Also, consider that the last two regular season home games aren't in the student season ticket package. That's really a downer for this class of seniors and Senior Day next Friday against Northeastern. The arena looks very empty. Really depressing.

Here's to hoping we have a better second period ...