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TV Picks: BC vs. Vermont

Jeff: Brian, give the people something to watch tonight.

Brian: If I had Comcast cable, I would be watching the Boston College - Vermont men's Hockey East showdown on CN8, tonight at 7:30pm. It's not often you get to watch the Eagles on TV outside of the Beanpot and the NCAAs. But unfortunately, I don't, so I'll probably flip back and forth between Duke @ Temple (ESPN) and UNC-Asheville vs. UNC (ESPN U) men's basketball tonight to see how good the top of the ACC is this year. What you watching?

Jeff: Well my roommate is a die-hard Duke fan. So I know I'll be catching at least some of that. I'm also going to be switching over to NBC for Deal or No Deal at 8:00. Unfortunately, I also will not be able to catch the hockey game.