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Toss Up: Basketball, Winning Streaks and Best Dressed Coach

Brian: A day late with Jeff mailing in his answers on the road, it's time for the game where I beat down Jeff, Toss Up.

Toss Up - More Surprising Freshman Performance - Sanders or Raji?

Jeff: Sanders. Sanders has been getting it done consistently and has been a starter the entire season.

Brian: The answer would be Sanders if it was more impressive, Jeff. But the question is more surprising. As such, I'm going to go with Corey Raji. 9.4 points per game and 3.9 rebounds per game off the bench is a solid contribution from a non-starting freshman.

Toss Up - More Impressive Streak? - 13 wins against the U in men's basketball, or 15 game losing streak to Miami in football (1985-2007)?

Brian: I'm going to go with basketball here. 13 straight wins include games in the ACC tournament, ACC regular season and Big East regular season. And there have been a lot of close games. In basketball, when you see teams 2-3 times a year, 1 game can go either way.

Jeff: The answer is football. Football is the more important sport. You know that.

Toss Up - Better 3-0 Conference Start in Bball - last season or this season?

Jeff: Last year's start included two wins on the road and ultimately we went to 5-0 in conference. I'm going with last year but a 5-0 start in conference this year would ultimately be more impressive.

Brian: The answer is this year. Sure we beat Wake and NC State on the road last year, but expectations were a lot higher for the Eagles last year.

Last One, Toss Up - Better Dressed Head Coach - Jerry York or Al Skinner?

Brian: Jerry York, by a mile. Sure Al Skinner has an endorsement deal with Eastern Clothing of Watertown, but it is reported that Skinner wears either a polo or a mock turtleneck on the road. Jerry York wouldn't be caught dead without a sweater/suit and a tie. Ties are more classy, and York wears one all the time. I'm going with York.

Jeff: Wrong again. The answer is Skinner. A polo and/or mock turtleneck is much more comfortable than a tie.