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Headlines: Dropping 112 on Wake

Jeff: Brian, I watched or listened to almost all of the BC-Wake game Saturday. You were watching football because you live in the northeast where the game was not televised. Down here in ACC country I could've watched the entire thing! So therefore I will have a monologue with my thoughts.

Who is surprised that Boston College lit Wake Forest up for 112 points? Well, everyone should be because that was by far the most points Boston College has scored since joining the ACC. But most people are probably really surprised since BC lost to Oral Roberts, oh no, I mean an even lesser program called Robert Morris earlier in the week. Aside from scoring 112, BC's performance on Saturday did not surprise me. This is a young team. Young teams are inconsistent.

Al Skinner's team, headed by Tyrese Rice is talented enough to beat everyone in the ACC except UNC. And beating any ACC opponent this year would not surprise me whether at home or on the road. But unfortunately, with that upside the team has, there is still a surprise loss or two left this season.

As we continue on the young theme. Look for the team to become more confident after shooting 66% from the field and 68% from 3 Saturday. And oh yeah, the one senior, John Oates, who is still developing like a sophomore, made 4 3s after having only hit 3 all season going into the game against Wake. Oates grabbing boards and hitting the occasional outside shot can really help this team to make a run in the tournaments, both ACC and NCAA.

Good win for the Eagles. I originally predicted the Eagles to start out the season 3-0 (and still do) in conference and we'll see if that happens coming up against a ranked Miami team.