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Hoops against Tech and the Big Finish

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Brian: BC has a very winable game against Virginia Tech on Saturday where a win would further focus attention on the Eagles as they continue to sit towards the top of the ACC leaderboard. Unfortunately, after Virginia Tech at home the schedule then turns south, literally, with road trips to North Carolina, Clemson and Duke, and a date at home with Maryland sandwiched in there. Jeff, your thoughts on the upcoming stretch of 5 games?

Jeff: It's tough to imagine the team any better than 5-4 after this stretch. Maybe they can pull off one road win particularly at Clemson which I will be in attendance for. I'm also hoping to make the game @Duke but Lindsey is still working on getting me a ticket.

Jeff: There was a nice article in the USA Today yesterday reliving the Tom Coughlin led Boston College upset of then 10-0 Notre Dame. Tom Coughlin is now trying to beat an 18-0 New England team that he has already lost to once at home this season.

Brian: Beating the Patriots will be a much taller order for Coughlin's Giants. To his credit, this year TC has figured out to sit back and let this team have more fun (even though how fun can it be playing in minus-3 degree temperatures?). I'll obviously be rooting for the Giants and "BC Guys" Snee, Kiwanuka and Coughlin (sorry, Dan Koppen, but you have plenty of rings already) in the Super Bowl.

Brian: A big weekend in hockey where the Maine Black Bears host BC for two games Friday and Saturday. The Eagles are tied for first with the UNH Wildcats with 19 points. UNH has a home-and-home with BU this weekend. So after all is said and done, will the Eagles still be tied for first after this weekend?

Jeff: I am usually optomistic with everything related to Boston College sports but similar to the upcoming basketball schedule, remaining tied for first would be a little surprising when the weekend is over.

Jeff: Last one, Brian, there is no football on this weekend, what are you gonna do with yourself?

Brian: As ATL Eagle pointed out, it has been a very slow week for BC sports, and the lack of football certainly won't help. I'll try to follow the hoops and hockey teams progress this weekend, but I really need to catch up on my movies. Oscar nominations for Best Picture are out, and I've yet to see There Will Be Blood, Atonement or Michael Clayton. Juno was good, No Country for Old Men was great. Jeff, what you up to this weekend?

Jeff: I gotta work tomorrow, then probably listening to Ted Serandis broadcast the game on XM. Maybe taking Carter to the driving range Sunday, you know, after Church and then Kristi's parents are cooking Sunday night.